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Chicken tortilla with avocado and mozzarella on Cooking Romania by Vivi
Chicken tortilla with avocado and mozzarella on Cooking Romania by Vivi

Welcome to the WRAPS Category on Cooking Romania by Vivi!

History of Wraps

People from India, Mexico, the Middle East, Greece and Turkey have been preparing, perfecting and eating wraps for about 200 years. And they have enhanced the recipes so we can enjoy them today with new and delightful flavors.

Easy wraps recipes like vegetarian, Chorizo, salmon, cheese, chicken tortilla or fajita wraps, you name it!

The easiest and fastest wraps recipes are here, on Cooking Romania by Vivi.

Why Cooking Romania by Vivi?

Since the age of 6 I have been cooking and creating new, simple recipes. Since 2012, I have been focusing on easy recipes for busy people, as helping others not only brings good karma, but primarily makes us feel really good! Talking about karma, check out my self-realization journey for more details on how cooking and meditation are the same thing.

For whom is Cooking Romanian by Vivi?

Students and young professionals, mothers and fathers with kids are welcome to try these delicious easy drinks recipes created, tested and enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Make your life easier and more enjoyable now! Cooking is fun!

What is Cooking Romania by Vivi about?

This cooking blog contains fun and easy recipes for busy peopleCooking Romania by Vivi mainly addresses businesspersons with a sense of cooking. I don’t have a lot of time to cook (although I would love to LIVE in the kitchen), so I thought I should share some tips and tricks that have made my life easy and my culinary talents quite popular.


About me

I play at the intersection of food and self mastery.

Raw words, feelings, occasionally food.

More about me here and here


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