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Cooking Romania by Vivi is dedicated to my Granny, Victoria and it is my legacy to my daughter, Adara. I write easy recipes for busy people.

Vivi, Narcisa and Rodica @Cooking Romania by Vivi

My name is Vivi and I was born in Romania. This cooking blog is a token of love for my daughter and my paternal Granny, Victoria. I am a teacher and I like cooking, writing and photography. Since 2020, my daughter Adara has been actively involved in Cooking Romania by Vivi shooting and editing all the recipe videos.

This cooking blog contains fun and easy recipes for busy people. Cooking Romania by Vivi mainly addresses businesspersons with a sense of cooking. I don’t have a lot of time to cook (although I would love to spend my entire day in the kitchen), so I thought I should share some tips and tricks that have made my life easy and my culinary talents quite popular, whatever that means.

11 things about me

  • My daughter has always been my teacher. She has taught me to be the mother I never had, and to be a better person every single day.
  • Cooking has played an important role in my life since the age of 6. I started helping my Granny in her tiny kitchen, and later food and cooking became my number 3 passion. For me, cooking is love.
  • Although I am not a chef, I am an unsophisticated creative, passionate and practical food enthusiast who loves cooking and plays at the intersection of food and self mastery. I use cooking as a form of meditation. This blog has the sole purpose of helping busy people prepare easy and fast recipes.
  • I love humans and all beings equally. I think that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is some form of advancement.
  • I have been a teacher all my life. I have taught since 1990.
  • I was the sole caregiver for my Granny (20 years, she passed in 2012) and for my grandfather (6 years, he passed in 2018).
  • Favorites are not my favorite thing; I love all colors, foods and whatever comes my way is more than welcome.
  • I am a Taurus, so yes, apparently we all love food.
  • After a long break, I restarted my spiritual journey in 2013. I write about my self-realization journey on The Vivi.
  • I have been following a low carb sometimes even keto lifestyle since November 2018. I have lost 11 kilos since.
  • Concert and food photography is passion number 4. This is one of my dearest and most famous photos:

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Nice 2013
Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Nice 2013

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I love my life, I love spending time with my daughter (as my grandmother did when I was young). This blog is my homage to my Granny. I am passing the tradition of involving young ladies in cooking, as my Granny did since I was 6.

I always say that my daughter is not only my first (quite often picky) customer, but my right hand, too.

I am very proud of my cooking, and I am confident that you, dear follower of Cooking Romania by Vivi will find my tips and tricks useful. Just as I learned everything I know about cooking from my grandmother, a wonderful lady, an amazing tender and loving granny who passed away in 2012 at the age of 92, you may find one day that a vegetable soup is not such a difficult thing to prepare after all. Enjoy my unsophisticated culinary journey, and don’t forget: food is fun! For me it’s fun to shop, to cook and to eat! Let’s dig in!

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Adara and Vivi - Cooking Romania by Vivi
Adara and Vivi – Cooking Romania by Vivi

Vivi is a passionate teacher, story teller and photographer. Adara is a passionate accountant, businesswoman and videographer. On Cooking Romania by Vivi, the Mom and Daughter play together at the intersection of self and food mastery.

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